Why I’m Standing for Kingswood

I am passionate about Kingswood, an area I love, with family living here and where I have worked, rested and played, I believe we deserve to live in a constituency where hard work and socialist values are recognised, implemented and rewarded. As a hard-working and prominent MP I will make changes that benefit the many not just the few.

My work in Kingswood has included managing youth services and domestic violence services across the area, representing those who are too marginalised to have a voice and place in our community. I have seen first-hand the damage the pernicious Tory cuts have upon our families. I cannot allow this to continue and will fight for us all especially those unable to represent themselves.

As a Councillor for Bristol City Council, I support residents in my ward to challenge the hardships they face under the current government and its shameful agenda of austerity. We must not allow this to continue. I actively challenge policy decisions on the Council, where I believe they impact upon those in greatest need. My drive to achieve a fairer society made me the first Councillor in Bristol to secure an affordable housing agreement.

As well as my Councillor role, I work for the NHS as a mental health specialist for children in the care system. My passion to improve the quality of family life connects my professional and political careers. It ensures my campaign agenda spans across generations of the electorate. My hard work and dedication comes across to everyone I engage with. These qualities, combined with my compassion, enabled me to win a marginal seat in the Council elections.

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